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  • Things That Are Best Suited In Assisted Living In Edmond

    FlooringAssisted living in Edmond is a great way to take care of the elderly members in your family. Whether you are located in Edmond or are staying abroad, your busy hectic professional life prevents you from visiting your loved ones as frequently as you would like to. This result in neglect and your loved ones end up feeling disappointed and uncared for. Moreover, with no one to take care of them, they fail to carry out their daily activities as smoothly as they would like to. But, when you opt for assisted living, you are ensuring that they are well looked after, are properly fed and are able to mingle with other people of their age. There are certain things that are best suited in assisted living. Some of these are mentioned below:

    Proper Lighting

    ligtingWith age, the eyesight of your loved ones weakens. As such if they are staying along, it becomes difficult for them to manoeuvre from one room to another. They have to depend on outside help to change the bulbs in the house. However, when they are living in assisted living centers there is no such worry. All the rooms have proper lighting and are well ventilated. As such they will face no difficulty in carrying out their daily activities.

    Balanced flooring:

    FlooringUneven flooring can lead to accidents and mishaps. When the elderly members of your family stay alone they are more prone to accidents and can end up harming themselves. Compare it to assisted living in Edmond. The centre has proper flooring and it is perfectly alright for the elders to work from one room to another.


    For a home away for home feeling, ask the assisted living centers if you can shift some of the furniture’s there. Your loved ones will not feel out of place. It will be easier for them to get adjusted with the new place.


    Replace the door knobs with levelers; install non-skid strips to the shower floor. Small but significant changes can improve their way off living quite a bit.

    When you are looking for assisted living centers look for all these aspects. It will become easier for you to select the right center.


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