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  • Geriatric Depressions – Signs And Causes & How Retirement Homes Can Help

    depressionLike any other country of the world, the total population of United States of America has its share of 30-45% of senior people. That is a huge number of inhabitants, who are somehow, not actively related to the main stream of society. Like them, their issues are less discussed and more so, if the issues are psychological. But the age, like young age, is a tender one, and needs some patience and extra care, to live with. It is not sympathy, but empathy that they need. The management of retirement homes in Edmond and every other city are feeling the need to take a major action against this problem which has been neglected for quite a long time now.

    The symptoms of depression are very high among this elderly group of people, for various reasons. Let us have a look into this matter.

    How can you identify the signs


    This is a very common thing among elderly people. The kind of thoughts always are nurtured in their brain is, the needlessness in the family, the retirement from workplace and physical weakness and various kind of diseases make them think that they are not any more necessary for family and society. Thus the will to end the life comes to their minds. It is a really depressing thought which only lowers the self esteem.


    The worries mentioned before usually attack them by the mid of night, while the rest of the members are sleeping and no one can hear him or observe him. This kind of thought often disturbs their sleep cycle and thus, affects their health.

    Feeling low

    Not only mentally, but physically as well they feel low. Depression at its acute state, often decrease the physical ability and thus, make the person feel weak and feeble all the time.


    The void in the head often creates this sudden mood swing, which ultimately takes toll on the mental state. the constant emptiness in the brain cause them to often break down for small or no reason, and they may cry to release the suppression of feelings.

    Addiction to alcohol

    The constant turbulence in the head often mislead people, and more the elderly people. Alcohol consumption can suddenly be the only help for those who are under this depressed condition. The only solace they find in it is the numbness of brain and temporary peace of mind.

    Causes for it

    The social negligence play a great roll to create such condition, as the elders feel that they have been segregated and not allowed to do whatever they used to do in their young age. It often is caused due to the lack of physical strength and decrease in the level of confidence. The feeling of burdening the society and the near and dear ones make them feel unwanted and low.

    The effect on health and family

    The family members as well as the friends and relatives often feel helpless in such situation. They can feel something is going wrong but it is not always easy to help the affected ones. The verbal sympathy, the chance of meeting them occasionally , advising them to lead a healthier and more active life often falls on the deaf ear, as the depression takes over them in a gripping way.

    How to deal with it

    If you are having the similar kind of problem, and you know it, then the problem is almost gone. As the patient can only decide to get rid of the disease and do those with will power, with some other help as well.

    Assisted Living Edmond Or else, if you are having someone going through the same phase, go ahead and converse with him. The retirement homes can be a solution for him. Here he can interact with new friends. They can be your great companion. Here he will feel relaxed by social mingling, the persuasion of old hobbies like fishing, gardening, reading or playing indoor games help a lot. Thus the retirement homes in Edmond are showing us the way to deal with this problem in a very effective manner by taking such small steps, which, with time makes a whole lot of change in the lives of elderly persons.

    Preventive measures

    Old age is just a phase of life, like infancy, or youth. So one need to keep himself mentally prepared about this stage. It is only natural to human beings and for the matter, in any living thing. This is the age of maturity and experience too. No teenager can get enough knowledge of life and practical world without spending a few decades on earth. So the need of positivity inside and outside is required to be instilled, to live a life with ultimate joy and merriment.

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