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  • Sleeping Problem Of Old Age And Its Remedy

    Remove term: Senior Care In Edmond Senior Care In EdmondOld age comes with a lot of physical and psychological problem, such prior one being the sleeping disability. It is said that our sleep cycle starts getting worse with age, thus, old people find it difficult to sleep for long hours, in fact they find it difficult to falling asleep at all. Insomnia is the ultimate stage for this dysfunctional sleeping habit, and popping pills has its share of side effects.
    Many assisted living homes are working on it, and some of them have come out with unique remedies. We at our assistant living tried some particular food items to regularise the sleeping cycle among the seniors. This is a one of the important thing we do as part of our senior care in Edmond
    1. Foods which are nutrient rich often help people to get some sleep. For example, banana, apricot, apple, peach and cherry contains potassium and magnesium which helps the muscle to relax and thus soothes the body. Seniors who are suffering from Insomnia can feel the improvement if these fruits can be added to their daily diet.
    2. Some vegetables and grains contain complex carbohydrates. Sweet potato, popcorn, oatmeal and jasmine rice are rich in complex carbohydrates. Regular intake of any of these food items will visibly make difference in the sleeping cycle of the affected senior.
    3. Some lean protein snacking before going to bed is essential for a good amount of sleep. Banana slices with a spoonful of peanut butter, whole grain or multigrain toast with egg, or low fat cheese with some cracker biscuits are tastier option to get some sleep.
    4. Peanut butter also has some other nutrients. Other than lean fat, it contains healthy fats which are good for heart. We suggests dry fruits like pistachio, almond and cashew along with peanut butter and avocado to increase the hours of sleeping for seniors.
    5. That quintessential and age old method of drinking something hot before going to bed actually works, and still this habit has some significance in our lives. A cup of lukewarm milk does the wonder, even at old age, and it helps the disturbed sleeping cycle to settle down.

    So if the above is the list of dos, there must be a list of don’ts as well. Let us have a look:

    • Do not eat a heavy meal at night, it causes indigestion and ultimately, will ruin your sleep.
    • Do not consume oily and spicy food for the same reason.
    • Alcohol may be regarded as a soothing thing but it does not actually help in the long run, so better avoid it for relaxation.
    • Caffeinated drinks are also a big no at night, as it often delays the sleep.
    Aged people living with under our senior care in Edmond are leading a comfortable and healthy life as their daily care routine follows all these rules and thus, they are complaining less about the sleeping inability.

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