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  • Artificial Intelligence Changing Old Age Health Care

    artificial intelleigenceSeniors who are spending their lives in dire need of other’s help, and suffering from the pain of depending upon others for mere day to day chores, should be happy to find a way out. Intelligence assistance will solve many of their problems. The thing of future is now a present possibility.

    Like any futuristic technological invention, artificial intelligence was a thing of curiosity for long time among commoners, but has become a thing of credibility and need. Soon it will become the ultimate support system for seniors and a great healing option for old age health care.

    However, for most people, AI i.e. artificial intelligence gives the idea of robots moving around everywhere and helping us with our daily tasks, which can be a great scene of any sci-fi movie, but the reality begs to differ. AI can help to compute programs on the basis of DNA analysis of the user to diagnose an illness and thus, can recommend custom medicines on the basis of input data.

    These are some general usage of AI. But for seniors specially, AI can support them to stay at home alone and yet make them feel safe, by tracking their movement and inform other family member or doctor when necessary.

    The human touch, however, may be missing. It can happen with the senior people, that they miss the presence of their family members or attendants. But it will also lessen the cases of error and, will reduce the daily interaction time of doctors with their senior patients. This will result in greater productivity.

    Some physical problems like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes can be checked with the help of AI.  The programs created with AI will help people change the habits which are directly linked with these chronic ailment, and thus, will save much time and cost of the medical equipments and assistance.

    AI can take help from coaches, who have entries with the program. Coaches are none other but the administrator who will help taking decision in time of some critical situation. More advanced technology will help to take AI suggestion from more than one coach which, AI will store in memory and utilize in time of need.

    It has a great cost saving feature. For seniors, visiting doctor’s chamber for small issues, is costly affair and hazardous too. AI will save much time and energy for them. This prevention and assistance programme executed by AI will lower the cost and lessen the problem of communication and convenience.

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