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  • How To Remain Safe And Secure At Old Age

    Safety and security for seniors in EdmondWith age our lifestyle changes, as we tend to become dependent on others. Physically and mentally we lose our alertness and swiftness. The assisted living homes usually takes care of the senior ones keeping in mind that they will be vulnerable and helpless at many points of time.

    But not everyone resides at assisted living homes. In Edmond there are a great number of seniors who love their own house and will not go to any assisted living home just for the sake of security. It is not always desirable to leave one’s own residence just because he or she can not feel safe and secure living alone there. Criminals usually find seniors living on their own as soft target, as they become less flexible and living alone make them more exposed. The sense of loneliness comes to them when they avoid communication with the outer world, in fear of getting victimized. Also, older ones are less adaptable with modern technology, thus they remain secluded in the modern society.

    Safety and security for seniors is a great concern for their near and dear ones, and it is always a prior thing for all those living far from their aged parents and/or near ones. Safety and security for seniors in Edmond always has been assured as people residing here follow some tips. Here we can discuss those measures which will be beneficial to the seniors who feel confident even at their senior state, and their loved ones will also be guaranteed about their safety.

    Basic security at home:

    Door locking

    This is a very old and assured method, and probably most common method to follow. The neighborhood may be as good as it can be, but no point in leaving any and every door open. Just lock the doors and maintain the process.

    A peephole

    A hole in your door will save you from many situations. You may not have a peephole instilled in your door, so you can use a portion for opaque glass and use privacy film on it. Also make sure that the glass is unbreakable safety glass.

    Solid door

    Front and back door should be made of solid wood or metal. Glass door with designer pattern is not a very safe option for seniors living alone. So it is better to have a solid wooden door with a peephole to check the movement of the visitor. Also adjust a metal frame along with the door.

    Plexiglass for the windows

    Use a thin layer of plexiglass film or security film. This will make the windows invisible from outside and also less prone to breaking.

    Main gate security system

    Main gates should remain closed all the time, without any exception. Anyone who enters must call you.Be cautious about whom you might give entry to the house.

    Phone set should be handy

    A wireless phone set should always be nearby so you can give a call any moment you feel the danger. Using the mobile set is also a good option.

    Safety with the key

    The key, should never be under the mat or in the flower pot, as it is really risky and may call for danger in different way. If you are going for a vacation or for some other purpose, leave a duplicate to your trusted neighbor or your dear one, who might come and check your apartment from time to time.

    Home security system

    Use a good home security system to full proof your security measures. Theft protections as well as medical emergencies are the measure issues which can be helped by the security system.

    Sensor light

    When you instill a sensor light in your yard or in hallway or any other place which is shared, you will be alert of someone’s presence whenever the sensor light goes on. If you live in a secluded home, you must use it to prevent unlawful entry.

    The old saying goes very true in the matter of safety, “better safe than sorry” so be cautious and be happy.

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