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  • How To Keep The Heart Healthy At Old Age

    Old age comes with many severe and chronic physical problems, one most prominent among them being, heart related ailment. There are certain different issues related to heart and no one with an irregular lifestyle will be able to escape the heart problems. So it is better to be cautious before hand and take care of one’s own health.

    The heart related issues always start from some minor problems, which, when neglected, turns out to be major symptoms and serious issues. So let us have a look how the cardiac problem arises among seniors.

    Blood pressure

    The artery of our body, which carries the blood inside them, gets thick and looses elasticity with age. The pressure of blood within these arteries is called blood pressure, which causes blood pressure to shoot up. This also increases the heart beat rate, which in turn affects the heart health.

    To avoid this situation the specialists in the senior care homes of Edmond has suggested a few daily habits. They try to take precaution to avoid any heart diseases among the seniors residing the senior assistant homes.  According to them, healthy eating for seniors in Edmond impacts the heart health majorly.

    The food that one should eat daily:

    Colorful vegetables and fruits

    These items provide fiber, intake of fiber helps in blood flow and thus, keeps the heart healthy.


    Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which is beneficial for checking the chlorosterol .

    Whole grain bread

    Instead of eating wheat or flour bread, one should devour whole grain bread, which, again, is rich in fibre.


    Getting proper quantity of mineral is easy if one drink adequate quantity of water. This also helps in keeping the blood fresh.

    Lean meat

    The energy can be gained from protein only and for protein intake, lean meat is suggested for seniors over red meat.

    Some other habits which helps seniors to live healthy and stay young are:

    Quitting smoking

    One must quit smoking, as there has been numerous number of side effects and bad effects of smoking on one’s health.


    Any kind of exercise will be good. Light free hand exercises like aerobics, stroll in the evening or morning, and muscle training twice a week will the keep the heart healthy, and thus, the chance of stroke will lessen anyway.

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