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  • How To Avoid Elderly Heat Stroke And Exhaustion In Edmond

    senior careHumidity and high temperature always affects health of senior ones. The blood pressure usually shots up and heart beat get faster. Residents of Edmond experience high temperature during summer season. Old age makes people prone to health hazards when weather is hot. Some medicines cause dehydration in seniors, whereas sometimes they are unable to feel rise in body temperature. So they are unable to tackle the sudden upheaval in their physical condition. A study shows health condition of seniors deteriorates in summers and they get hospitalized in this time of the year in huge numbers.

    So it is better to take some precaution so this situation does not arise. Stuffs in senior care homes in Edmond usually take these preventive measures to keep a check on the health condition of the residents.

    Drinking liquid:

    One must drink enough water in summer. Drink at least 3-5 liter of fluid, and keep your body hydrated. Do not drink only when you are thirsty, rather make it a point to consume lots of juice, soup and other kind of liquids (not caffeinated thought) every day. Dehydration causes various health issues.


    Wearing proper clothes in summer is really important. The fabric should be comfortable, and loose fitted dresses are a must. Wear a broad hat to cover up the head.

    Stay indoor:

    Do not be out when the sun is warmest. Midday is the hottest hour of the day, so avoid being outside and stay cool.

    Avoid strain:

    Do not exercise when it is too hot, as it will exhaust you even more and cause your body lose energy.  If you must, do some light weight training, but do not try to walk in the sun.

    Check the heat:

    Check the heat index from news channels or some weather related website. Heat index usually clarifies how much humidity is present in the air, and high heat index means the body will lose the ability of cooling through sweating. So be cautious and try to relax your body on those days.


    When the humidity and temperature is on the high, rest yourself as much as possible in air conditioned place. The malls, movie theaters and libraries are common places where you can stay at the midday hours when the heat is high outside. Some cities also provide cooling centers and public places with cooling systems for the seniors. If you are unable to access all these places, try to take a shower or bath in ice cold water.

    Check your health condition:

    If you are feeling dizzy, nauseating or light headed, having a rapid heartbeat and chest pain, consult a doctor immediately. These all may be sign of getting a stroke, so do not ignore them and go through proper treatment.

    Taking care of yourself is a part of living life joyously, so have a blast even in the summer while enjoying the season with some precaution.

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