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  • Importance Of Social Life Of The Seniors – Assisted Living Offers The Solution

    Home Cooked MealsBeing responsible and mature son or daughter comes with the baggage of taking care, both mental and physical, of your ageing parents. Our parents are going through the senior stage of their lives, and this part of life comes with various changes.

    Loneliness is a devastating problem which the senior ones face once they retire from their professional lives. Not only their work life comes to a halt, but family life also gets changed, as the kids get grown up and often starts living on by themselves. They often start feeling neglected and unwanted, as the sense of loneliness seeps in. Their health also starts deteriorating and that affects their confidence level. These changes can be distressing at times, and to get rid of that feeling, people need to be socially connected.

    Assisted living is offering a very plausible solution for this problem. Caregivers at home cannot always manage the problem as they follow a time schedule and routine. Thus assisted livings are the best while a need for social life is concerned for the seniors.

    Some good reasons to opt for assisted living instead of putting your parents or dear ones with the caregivers at the home:

    Interesting exercise session:

    Latest trend in exercise like zumba and Tai Chi can be experienced in assisted living only. The group doing them together creates the bonding among the members. Also the experts are quite experienced as they handle lots of people with different kinds of problems, so they can treat the seniors’ individual problem by personalizing the training.

    Chance of social mixing:

    Seniors living in assisted living get ample chance to mix up with people of same age and mentality. Those who are residing at home, lacks this opportunity, as they often feel alone when all other members of the family are busy with their own hectic lives. But in assisted living, the senior ones take part in activities like field trips, cultural events and other various programs.


    Safety is a great concern for the seniors. One who is living alone in a house needs to take help of various expensive gadgets and technology to ensure his safety as probable criminals often look for such opportunities. Also the chance of accidents is big while they are living all alone. Living in an assisted living makes the senior ones safe as there are lots of attendants and stuffs who are taking care of both the needs.

    Mental and emotional stimulant:

    The assisted livings are often situated near some university or communities. The seniors who are interested can join the courses and spend their time by learning new things every day. This way they can stay energetic and feel the joy of grabbing modern technology.

    Supervision over diet:

    Most of the old adults have some or other kind of ailment which need them to follow a particular diet. Also the food should be eater at a regular interval. When they are living alone, they can eat whatever they wish, and most of them tend to not follow the proper schedule. While living in the assisted living, the attendants will take care of them and food will be provided at scheduled time only.

    Looking after for daily needs:

    Everyday responsibilities are such chores which usually make the senior ones helpless as they get weak physically and mentally. Washing the clothes, cleaning the house and weeding the garden, maintaining the social appointments with doctors and other persons are tasks which are too much for senior ones to manage. An attendant in assisted living comes with friendly attitude and helping hand to solve these problems.

    Household chores:

    Seniors who are looked after by the caregivers usually get bathed and dressed by them. But these household chores cause them spend extra amount for the caregivers, while in the assisted living, these facilities are given to the seniors along with other services without any extra cost.

    Independence is maintained:

    Being dependent upon others for daily chores and maintaining the normal life style is a painful thing for people who had been self dependent for the rest of his or her life. When the service is paid, they feel more confident and thus, can enjoy their independence with full fledge and unhindered.

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